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Do you wish to apply for transport to school? The Hampshire Council Passenger Transport Group may be able to help. Parents are able to print off a copy of the form to complete and return to the Council using the details listed. For further information, please see the following link:



Cycling or walking to school?

Check out our guide to the best cycling and walking routes to take. 


School Travel Plan


A School Travel Plan is a document that:


  • Demonstrates a schools commitment to environmental and community concerns and the overall welfare of its pupils
  • States the way in which a school intends to help reduce the use of cars for the school journey, and for improving safety, the environment, health and the social skills of it's pupils
  • Is a whole school initiative and demonstrates support from children, staff, parents, governors and the wider community.
  • Aims to give parents and pupils the choice of traveling by walking, cycling and public transport with confidence thereby reducing congestion at the school gate.
  • Looks in detail at pupil's needs on the school journey and attempts to find suitable solutions for unique situations at each school.
  • Has clearly stated aims, objectives and targets which are achievable, measurable and are supported by the whole school community
  • School Travel Plans also play a key role in Safer Routes to School projects and act as guides for possible transport and highway infrastructure improvements


The current school travel plan was devised in 2009, shortly after the school building was completed. Some of the detail – such as the number of children on roll – is now out of date but the principles within the travel plan remain the same and we are committed to promoting safe and sustainable school travel.


To view our School Travel Plan and Cycle Policy please click on the links.