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School Policies


Our school policies aim to provide staff, pupils, parents and carers with clear information about the organisation and ethos of Kings Copse Primary School and the standards of behaviour expected by all members of its community. These policies enable us to work together to do the best by those in our care.


When children and families join Kings Copse they are joining a community of over 200 pupils. In order for the community to function effectively and happily, certain rules are required. They can be broadly summarised under two headings: respect for others and respect for property. These ideas form the basis of our six golden rules, details of which can be found in our Behaviour Policy.


As with other rules, Kings Copse seeks not to ape the standards of society, but rather to set a moral lead and to respond to the particular requirements of our individual community. In joining the Kings Copse community, acceptance of these standards is assumed and compliance with them is expected.


Useful day-to-day information (such as policies on medicines or uniform) can be found in the Parent Handbook. This new document, created using feedback from parents and carers, is available on the school website and can be issued as a paper copy.

More detailed policy information on a wide range of school matters – from SEN to the Curriculum – can be found within individual school policies, available for download from this page. Policies are also available as paper copies, on request.


There will inevitably be very occasional changes to the handbook and school policies; parents will be told about these as they happen, with new policies replacing old ones at regular intervals. The most recent version of the handbook and any school policy can always be found here on the school website.

School Policies


Paper copies of these policies are available on request from the school office: