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At Kings Copse Primary School, we’re committed to providing our children with the very best education we can. To do this effectively, we engage actively with a range of partners, including the Local Authority, other schools within our cluster, our Local Teaching Alliance – the ETC – and many other stakeholders.

While seeking to improve our own provision, we have developed a fair amount of expertise within the team. We work with several schools to improve aspects of their provision. We actively support the Wildern Primary Partnership Play to train new entrants to the profession and to develop the skills of existing professionals, including NQTs and RQTs. We lead research and development projects into areas such as Assessment, use of the school library and the curriculum – being a lead member of a group of schools looking at innovative approaches to the new National Curriculum.

Our resourced provision for visual impairment – The Oasis – delivers training and development opportunities to a range of schools across Hampshire and the south coast, providing staff and children with valuable support. At Kings Copse, we understand and embrace the idea that the success of our school development is inextricably linked with improving outcomes for children and schools within the wider community.


Wildern Primary Partnership: Excellence – Transformation – Collaboration

Kings Copse Primary School is an active member of the Wildern Primary Partnership, a cluster of local schools committed to raising standards for all children in our community. We are innovative, dynamic and resilient schools, ambitious for all learners in the Wildern Primary Partnership to thrive, achieve well and willingly contribute. It is our stated aim that all learners will develop the confidence and motivation to support their community through shaping their futures by building and strengthening common values.