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Ace Sports After School Club

My name is Charlie and I run Ace Sports & Education. We just started working with Kings Copse Primary delivering PE Lessons to all Classes and we are also delighted to announce we will be running an after school Football Club every Monday Afternoon. 
The Club will be run by our Coach, Jack Knight who is now teaching PE Lessons to every class. The club will initially only be open to Year 5 & 6 due to covid restrictions but we hope to open this up to children from year 3 & 4 very soon. 
More info can be found and bookings can be made at 
You will also be able to find full info on how we are managing our clubs throughout the pandemic and ensure all participants are as safe as possible on our dedicated covid-19 page on our website. 
Please do get in touch with us if you would like to find out more about our football club or any of our services we offer. You can call our office on 02381842093 or email us at 
You can see all of our latest news and updates on our Facebook page too. 
Thank you for your time and we are looking forward to working with the children and staff of Kings Copse to help create a positive, active and fun sporting environment! 
Kind regards 
Charlie & Jack 
Ace Sports & Education